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zoopa Glider 65

Fun for all ages!

Our feather-light (only 145g) and also very robust Wurfgleiter "zoopa Glider 65" has been developed especially for our youngest pilots.

zoopa Glider 65

zoopa Glider 75

The indoor and outdoor glider.

The glider stands out due to its extremely high agility and maneuverability, which is useful in combination with its low volume perfect for tricks in the air.

zoopa Glider 75

Boomerang GT

The absolute all-rounder.

The Boomerang GT is an absolute all-rounder, he behaves very precise and directional stability in all flight attitudes. Once the powerful drive has ensured sufficient altitude, the Boomerang in his element.

zoopa Boomerang GT


Light as a feather.

Once the powerful pull drive has provided sufficient height, you can turn off the engine and go to the glider - the blades fold automatically a.

zoopa Airrowkee


The FPV glider with the huge wingspan.

The big glider with its strong brushless pusher drive is ideally suited for video recordings and for extensive glider flights. Suitable for beginners with first flight experience and professionals.

zoopa Pelicam