Boomerang GT | Boomerang GT

The Allrounder

Anyone who has ever followed the precise flight of a boomerang, you can guess why this slider the name Boomerang Globe Traveller Carries.

The Boomerang GT is an absolute all-rounder, whether he will be flown fast or slow. He behaves very precise and directional stability in all flight attitudes. Once the powerful drive has ensured sufficient altitude, the Boomerang in his element.

The flaps are placed slightly down and slightly pulling like a feather in circles on the upswing by then with breathtaking aerobatic maneuvers reduce its height.

With activated flaps is also landing a cinch. Here, the Boomerang is always well controlled. The beginner appreciates the docile flying qualities of the professional potential.

While the areas of high-strength and high impact EPO are made, the hull is a hollow body made of thermoformed plastic of the components of FlyCamOne; the video transmission set or the GPS module provides enough space.

The Boomerang GT is the ideal vehicle model for the entire lineup of FlyCamOne camera systems.

The push driving the Boomerang GT, above the wings prevented not only that the propeller device in the camera image, but it also reduces the crash risk at a slightly harder landing.

The model is about 5-channels controlled: motor, elevator, ailerons and sides, as well as the brake flaps are moved over the 6 integrated servos.

The Boomerang GT is an optimal model for the beginner in the model airplane and provides the professional an indescribable FPV-flight experience.

As a beginner to video fly, we have the Boomerang GT with the FlyCamOne eco Full HD at a cost price of 199 euros.

The zoopa Glider 75 is suitable for beginners as well as professionals. Beginners can go into the model world without high cost and with quick wins, being professionals, however, can perform with the nimble and agile glider true feats.


At a glance:

Boomerang GT

AA7000 (ARF-Kit)
motor / glider
Difficulty level:
Beginner / Advanced
Camera compatible:
Flight Time:
Remote control:


Perfect gliding
Stable flight
Easily removable fuselage shell
Camera Capable


Boomerang GT - ARF kit


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