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zoopa 150 Turbo Force Back

The ideal entry-level helicopter.

Thanks to the special flight characteristics, an extremely rugged housing and the manageable size of zoopa 150 is not for nothing that the best-selling mini helicopters in Germany.

zoopa 150

zoopa 300

The large entry level helicopter.

Extremely robust and by 15cm longer than our zoopa 150 series, offers this excellent helicopter and beginner-friendly flight characteristics.

zoopa 300

zoopa 350

The all-rounder among rc helicopters.

For anyone who already has first flying experience, the zoopa 350 is the next challenge: the single-blade rotor makes it more manoeuvrable than the models with coaxial system (double blade).

zoopa 350

BLIZZ 200 3D

The lightning-fast 3D helicopter.

By combining the sophisticated flybarless system and the precise 3-axis gyroscope this powerful professional model receives a response that has no equal.

Blizz 200