zoopa 150 blu iz | zoopa 150 blue iz

zoopa 150 blue iz and red heat - The stylish mini helicopter!

The zoopa 150 blu iz and the zoopa 150 red heat are the advancements of the best selling mini helicopter in Germany. The modern design combines unique ambiend lights at the flanks, 2 front LEDs and the iceblue or red shade. The customary classy matte- look and high-quality aluminium parts make the zoopa 150 blu iz and zoopa 150 red heat a real eye candy. The compact size, minimal weight and sturdiness makes the zoopa 150 the optimal helicopter for beginners.

The provided 3+2- channel control enhances not only ascending, descending, axis rotation as well as forward/backward flight, but also light and turbo options that can be selected if required. The ultimate fun starts immediately thanks to the simple operation! By pressing the optional Turbo button, the helicopter can be controlled faster and more actionpacked. The supplied 2.4GHz frequency is able to let several helicopters fly simultaneously, so exciting races with your friends are possible at any time. The optional LED on the front enhances amazing flights in the dark.

The compact size, minimal weight and sturdiness makes the zoopa 150 the optimal helicopter for indoor and low wind flights. Now get down to your living room and start the obstacle flight!

Product videos

zoopa 150 blu iz
zoopa 150 blu iz | 0min 57sec
zoopa 150 red heat
zoopa 150 red heat | 0min 52sec


At a glance:

zoopa 150 blu iz | red heat

AA0178 - zoopa 150 blu iz (black, blue)
AA0178 - zoopa 150 red heat (black, red)
Difficulty level:
Ready to fly model:
Flight Time:
approx. 6-7 minutes
approx. 60 meters
RC Controller:
2.4GHz 3+2 Channel with integrated charger


2.4GHz Radio technology
Automatic flight stabilization (Gyrosystem)
Ambient lights on flanks
2 Front LEDs
Turbo and light switchable
3 + 2 Channel controller
approx. 60 m range
Extremely light and robust
Flexible rotor blades
Up to 100 models in air at the same time
Complete range of spare parts


zoopa 150 blu iz or zoopa 150 red heat
2.4GHz Controller
ACME 3,7V (1s) 300mAh LiPo battery (integrated)
2 Replacement rotor blades 1xL, 1xR