zoopa 350 | Accessories

Accessories (available as an optional extra)

AA0353 | Helicopter training stand

Helicopter training stand, landing gear rack

By the landing gear of the beginners learn the loading of the helicopter.
The installation is made very easy and fast.

AA0350-2 | zoopa 350 battery

zoopa 300 7,4V (2S) 850mAh LiPo battery (additional/replacement battery)

Compatible to:
zoopa 350 (AA0350)
Glider 75 (AA7200)
P51-Mustang (AA4008)

AA0350-X | zoopa tuning battery

zoopa AA0350-X 7,4V (2S) 1000mAh LiPo battery (additional-/replacement battery)

Expansion battery with 1000mAh for zoopa 350 helicopters or for Glider 75. Increasing this "tuning-battery", the flight time grows up by about 2 minutes. The existing charger is compatible.

Compatible to:
zoopa Q650 (ZQ0650)
zoopa 350 (AA0350)
zoopa Glider 75 (AA7200)