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ACME Catalogue 2016

Glider | Boomerang GT The Allrounder Anyone who has already followed the precise flight of a boomerang suspects why this glider is called Boomerang Globe Traveller. The Boomerang GT is an all- rounder, whether he will be flown fast or slow. His behaviors in all flight attitudes are very directionally, stable and precise. Once the powerful motor has provided sufficient height, the Boomerang is in his element. Put down the flaps and the Boomerang will turn his flight smoothly like a feather. Beginners will appreciate the pleasant flight characteristics, professionals will love the potential. The Boomerang GT is the best carrier for the entire FlyCamOne camera lineup. While the wings are made of tough EPO, the fuselage is a tubular body made of deep grown synthetics that offers enough space for your whole FlyCamO- ne equipment. The push motor avoids disturbing propeller waves inside the video image. The model is controlled through 5 channels: Motor, elevator, aileron and rudder, as well as brake flaps – all controlled by 6 integrated servos. 4 additional channels can be used for the camera systems. The Boomerang GT is the best chance for beginners with first experience and offers an incredible FPV moments! Classification Motor- / Glider Length | Span 1160 | 2000 mm

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