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ACME Catalogue 2016

The P-51 Mustang Voodoo is a real racer among aircrafts and stands out through excellent flight characteristics and brilli- ant quality. Many aerobatic manoeuvres like Rolls, Loopings and Turns can be performed easily with this RC- model. The secret of this special aircraft is the low weight of only 2 8 0 g , the strong brushed motor, the special flight stability and precise steering of the flight model. All these features combined with the most advanced 2.4GHz wireless technology and the possibility of mounting a high-resolution FlyCamOne eco Full HD camera to record breathtaking aerial shots, make this RC model beat each pilot‘s heart faster, whe- ther a professional or a beginner. Length | Span 645 | 750 mm Classification Motor- / Glider Scan the QR code for the video of P-51 Mustang Voodoo: Elite | P-51 Mustang Voodoo 280 g , the strong brushed motor, the special

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