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ACME Catalogue 2016

Jet | T-45 Goshawk The T-45 Goshawk is a Sport-Jet, that sets new standards with regards to design and performance! Its alignment and technology are simply addictive. The model is driven through a powerful impeller unit. The brushless motor is placed streamlined and is op- timally cooled by the airflow. The impeller is fitted into the tail of the model. The air inlet provides the impeller with sufficient air. To control the brushless motor, a 25A ESC is installed. The impeller unit is intended for 3S LiPo- batteries with 11.1V. The steering of the model is arranged through elevator and aileron. These are controlled by 3 servos that are already included in the model. The single piece wing has 2 carbon-fiber bars, giving the wing maximum strength. Thus, the model corners well and safely at high speed. Length | Span 880 | 780 mm Classification Motor- / Jetairplane Scan the QR code for the video of T-45 Goshawk Jet:

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