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ACME Catalogue 2016

Unexpected applications The AC2460C is the latest step forward in our development. The extensive programming possibilities offer a lot of application options, even if you are not familiar with computer systems. The intuitive usage and display help you to get the best settings on your models. Article: AC2460C MSRP: 99,90 Euro Content of the box incl. receiver AR2460 Freedom for all pilots The AC2460 is the ideal beginner remote control for the RC sector. The mo- dern system ensures a safe and interference-free connection to the model, precise control and almost limitless freedom. The AC2460 is compatible to almost every ACME models. Article: AC2460 MSRP: 59,90 Euro Content of the box incl. receiver AR2460 Controller | 2.4 GHz, 6 Channel Controller | 2.4 GHz, 6 Channel, LCD Display Pict. shows: AC2460C in original size Classification RC-Controller

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