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ACME Catalogue 2016

Stratos Diagonal: 7“ - 178mm Resolution: 800x480px Article: FCHD77 MSRP: 159.- Stratos+ High Resolution 7“ Diagonal: 7“ - 178mm Resolution: 1024x600px Article: FCHD78 MSRP: 199.- Stratos+ Mega 9“ Diagonal: 9“ - 228mm Resolution: 1024x600px Article: FCHD98 MSRP: 299.- Stratos+ Movie 7“ Diagonal: 7“ - 178mm Resolution: 800x480px Article: FCHD79 MSRP: 279.- Screen diagonal: 7“ = 178mm 9“ = 228mm Tri-Band A,B,F RF-AV Out, DIV AV OUT, AV-In, DC-In Transmission Set 5.8GHz 25 mW The ultra compact and only 5g weighing 5.8GHz 25mW CamOne Vi- deo Transmitter transfers the live image of your camera on a distance of up to 300m wireless and safely. Tri-Band A, B, F Article: FCHD91 MSRP: 39.90 69 CamOne 5.8GHz Diversity Screens CamOne 5.8GHz Diversity screens stand out through their variety. The full range contains versions with 7“ and 9“ screen diagonal. You can additionally choose between 2 display resolutions (Standard | High Resolution). Another highlight is the „Movie“ version, which saves the live video on a memory card (DVR - Digital- VideoRecording).

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